Lenen  Liquidity protocol

A Decentralized Lending Platform. supply, Borrow & Earn Anytime.

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The most secure protocol

audited by the world’s leading security firms, security of the lenen protocol is the highest priority.

Lenen is an VRC-20 token that allows the owner to delegate voting rights to any address, including their own address. changes to the owner’s token balance automatically adjust the voting rights of the delegate.

Governed by the community

lenen is a fully decentralized, community governed protocol By lenen Token holders.


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Lenen Risk DAO

DAO Is A Community-Led Grants Program To Fund Ideas Submitted By The Lenen Protocol’s Community, With A Focus On Empowering A Wider Network Of Community Developers.

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Public Beta Event

Public Beta Event

This event will start on December 1, 2022 and last for one month, which will be an effective way for you to get airdrops of LEN.

Bug Bounty

We want the Lenen protocol to be the best it can be, so we’re calling on our community to help us find any bugs or vulnerabilities. Submit a bug here.

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